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About The Brand

Our Values

We have the responsibility as a Brand to change the way the fashion industry works, moving from careless and uninformed consumption to conscious consumption and creating an honest relationship with our customers.

Mariana Uzcanga

Our Values


We are honest: we want to offer an ethically made product at a reasonable price.

• Honest Pricing: By working directly with our manufacturer and selling directly to our consumers, we cut out the middleman [and eliminate markups along the way]. This allow us to offer a luxury product at a reasonable price.

• Ethically Made: We respect our manufacturers and suppliers and value their work and expertise. We build relationships with them which reflect our commitment to fairness and honesty.

• No Discount Policy: As a brand, we prefer to be honest with our consumers by reducing our margins and offering them a luxury product at a fair price, instead of marking up our products and then offering discounts.

• Transparency: We want to be transparent with our customers and show them how and where are our products manufactured.

Our Values


We have the responsibility to minimize our ecological impact and to contribute to society by supporting traditional craftmanship.

• Sustainable Leather: All our leathers are responsibly sourced from European manufacturers audited by the Leather Working Group, the world's leading environmental certification organization for the leather manufacturing industry. The leather we use is a biproduct of the food industry that would otherwise go to waste. Leather is also a very durable material, much more than vegan alternatives. This means it lasts longer and promotes a slow fashion cycle.

• Local Production: We aim to contribute to the local economy while reducing our carbon footprint. Our handbags are 100% locally produced in Ubrique in the south of Spain, home to a rich tradition of luxury handbag craftmanship.

• Craftmanship: We feel the social responsibility to maintain the heritage of craftmanship. Each of our handbags is handcrafted using ancient techniques that have been handed down through generations of highly skilled artisans.

• Small Productions: We produce consciously: our handbags are produced in small batches in order to avoid mass production and make sure no surplus is generated.

• Timeless Design: We don't believe in seasons as we don't want our products to have a short lifetime. Rather, we want to take the time to design trendless pieces that will last a lifetime.

Our Values


For us, luxury is about simplicity and comfort. We aim to produce comfortable, wearable pieces: our designs are simple and practical, and made of the finest soft leather.

• Premium Materials: Our handbags are made using the finest raw materials of the highest quality. They are made to last a lifetime.

• Attention to Detail: All our pieces are handcrafted one by one by our artisans who take the time to refine each tiny detail.

• Simplicity: Our designs fuse simple forms with organic sculptural shapes to create accessories that are elegant and practical.

• Comfort: The sense of touch is a fundamental aspect of our designs. We use natural materials with smooth textures that elevate the product and offer a feeling of comfort.

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